Anman Rock-Firm Racing Simulator Cockpit with Red Seat

  • The Super Game Racing simulator cockpit has the mass of solid rock, so the weight is very heavy. We need players to be okay with it.
  • The reason for the weight: High-strength aluminum alloy materials instead of alloy steel, toughness, strong impact resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • The surface adopts electrode oxidation anti-rust coating to protect the material more, and the 4-hole embedded connection is more stable.
  • Compatible with all major brands of electronic products of major brands of steering wheels, pedals.
  • Fully adjustable: front and rear! The height! Angle! Adjust at will! Even if you are very tall or a child, you can use our game racing bracket.
  • Racing seat:High quality PVC material, high breathable performance, giving people a cool and comfortable sitting experience. The interior is filled with high density sponge, which is not easy to collapse and can be used for a long time. racing game seat adjustment Angle is 90°~ 180°, product size: shoulder width :21 ", height :36 ", knee width :16 ".
  • Immersive F1 car driving mode,Truck racing driving mode,Flight game mode. can be achieved by adjusting the seat.

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