Anman Racing Simulator Cockpit With Black Seat Fits for Logitech/Thrustmaster G923,G29,G27,G920,T150,T300,T300RS|3-Piece Shift Lever Panels|Only Heavy Race Wheel Frame&Black Seat

  • [Product function] Applicable to the combination of most conventional racing games and flight games. In order to give customers a more realistic game experience, the product needs a certain space for operation.
  • [Product adaptation] Racing simulator cockpit with seat can be adapted to Logitech,Thrustmaster, Fanatec and other related steering wheels, racing pedals, controllers, fixture handbrake. If you have any questions about fitting accessories, please contact us and we will help you.
  • ✅ All panels are installed, and various accessories (mouse, keyboard, steering wheel controller) can be placed to solve the space problem.
  • ✅High adaptability to the population. 1.4m-1.9m height can be adjusted through the bracket and seat to obtain comfortable position.
  • ✅Enhanced stability. The material thickness is upgraded, and the double-bolt stable adjustment bracket is adopted, which has a higher safety factor for the game of large-scale operation.
  • ✅Flexible adjustment. The seat, bracket, pedal and shift lever panel can be adjusted both front and rear.
  • [Special reminder] This product includes racing simulation cabin bracket, racing seat, 4 gear shifter panels and installation accessories. Due to its large volume, it will be delivered by three packages.
  • Anman Flight/Racing Game Cockpit

    Anman flight/racing simulation cockpit gives you a pleasurable gaming experience!

    Multiple Adjustments

    You can easily adjust the mount by simply turning the bolt. Multiple stand platforms for mounting electronics can be adjusted in height to suit the user's needs. Adjustable design provides you with maximum stretching space.


    Immersive design, you can experience the excitement of racing and flying at home. Game stand can be used multipurpose. Racing simulation cockpit can be used to play both racing games and flying games.

    Race-grade GamingChair

    80°to 180°of multi-angle adjustment, dual track and dual chute design, one-piece foam technology, lasting support for your driving simulator gaming process. The use of slide design, easy to adjust the position of the seat, convenient for players to operate, giving players a more comfortable gaming space.

    Widely Compatible

    Anman simulator stand can be fitted with most of the gaming devices on the market. Anman sim stand is pre-drilled with screw holes, so no additional drilling is required. Save your gaming time.

    The bracket can be compatible with Volkswagen brands, such as Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920 G923, Thrustmaster T150 T150pro T-GT T80 T300RS (GT) T300 T500rs TX 248,PC,Xbox, ps4, ps5, etc

    Please note

    Anman racing/flight simulation cockpit includes only the game stand and black seat. The pictures shown are for reference only.

    Come and experience the fun of racing/flight games!

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