Anman Flight Sim Stand Game Simulator Cockpit with Black Seat Dual shift rod fittings -Flight series

  • [Custom Adjustments] Customize your flight experience with custom adjustable steering wheel, pedals, and shift levers for diverse needs.
  • [3 Shift Lever Panels] Three different pre-drilled panels are available for both flight and racing modes.
  • [Upgraded Durability] The racing simulator cockpit is made of high quality alloy steel to ensure stability and durability. Non-slip feet on the stand provide shock absorption and floor protection for a great gaming experience.
  • [Comfortable Gaming Seat] Dual-rail, dual-locking gaming seat provides elbow and lumbar support with adjustable angles from 65° to 180° to provide you with a comfortable gaming experience.
  • [Wide Compatibility] Compatible with Logitech G29, G920, G923, X52, X52PRO, Thrustmaster T16000, Airbus joysticks, A10C joysticks, and other major brands of flight electronics including joysticks, joysticks and throttles.
  • Anman Flight Simulator Cockpit with Black Seat

    Anman specializes in making mock racing cockpits, this versatile stand, designed for both flight and racing, offers a range of options. With height and width adjustable seats, provide gamers with an immersive experience!

    Personalized Adjustments

    Tailor your flying experience with DIY adjustments. Modify the flying wheel height (22.5"-30"), foot angle (8-18°), and steering wheel angle (±5°) to your liking.

    3 Shift Lever Panels

    Use 3 pre-drilled panels as a versatile game stand for flight controllers or racing car mounts, providing a variety of functional options.

    Enhanced Durability

    Crafted from thickened alloy steel, this racing simulator cockpit ensures stability and rust resistance. Non-slip foot pads provide traction, absorb shock, and protect the floor.

    Black Ergonomic Seat

    1.Utilizes a dual-rail, dual-lock structure to ensure safety.

    2.Features integrated high-density cotton filling, offering strong impact resistance and weight-bearing capacity, suitable for a variety of body types, and remains firm even during prolonged use.

    3.The seat angle can be adjusted from 65° to 180°, allowing players to customize it according to their preferences.

    Wide Compatibility

    Works with Logitech G29, G920, G923, X52, X52PRO, Thrustmaster T16000, Airbus rocker, A10C rocker, and various yokes, joysticks, and throttles from major brands.



    Stand Package Length:23.6in

    Stand Package Width:19.7in

    Stand Package Height:7.5in

    Stand Package Weight:41.9lbs

    Seat Package Length:32.6in

    Seat Package Width:22.8in

    Seat Package Height:13in

    Seat Package Weight:32lbs

    Material:Alloy steel, 30*30, 25*25 square steel pipe, 2.0mm steel plate

    Surface Treatment of the Bracket:Black powder coated

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