Anman Stability Racing Wheel Stand fit for Logitech/Thrustmaster/PC/Fanatec G27,G29,G920,G923,T150,T248,T300,TMX,Upgrade Steering Shifter Mount Cockpit,Wheel Shifter Pedals NOT Included

  • 【55% Pre-installed】Receive it and install it. 55% pre-installed design allows even beginners to enjoy sim racing quickly
  • 【Entry Level Racing Bracket】Suitable for beginners. Quick to install and easy to operate. Ditch the traditional problems of difficult installation and unstable structure. Allow beginners to enjoy driving simulator racing
  • 【Upgraded Dual Post Design】Add double columns on the basis of the previous foldable frame. The stand is more durable and the racing game process is more comfortable
  • 【Heighly Adjustable】Adjust as needed: pedal angle, Bracket height, Steering wheel angle. The shift lever position can be installed left and right.
  • 【High Compatibility】This is a universal design steering wheel stand, which is suitable for all Logitech, fanatec, thrustmaster series racing wheels, pedals and gears
  • 【Installation&Service】 Wheel, pedal and shifter are not included.
  • Racing Wheel Stand

    Anman racing wheel stand, an ideal partner for racing games!

    Enhanced Robust Version

    • Add two reinforcement bars similar to arm support to firmly grasp the entire racing bracket and upgrade steadily, no longer worry about shaking!
    • The detailed upgrade structure allows it to stand stably on the ground, increasing stability and durability.
    • The angle and height of the racing bracket can be adjusted to the appropriate position, and the angle of the steering wheel and pedals can be adjusted to the appropriate position.
    • As long as the nut is adjusted, it can be fully folded, and the whole process can be completed in tens of seconds.
    • The package contains the entire stand and some accessories. It only takes a few seconds to install accessories and start playing happily!

    Steering Wheel 、Pedal 、Shifter Not Included

    racing wheel stand


    The wall of the tube is made of 1.2mm alloy steel, the thickness of which exceeds the average level on the market, with a black anti-rust coating.

    racing wheel stand

    Foot Mat

    Four huge rubber feet are installed on the support points to protect the floor while increasing the friction so that the stand grips the ground firmly.

    racing wheel stand


    The addition of reinforcing rod provides strong support for both arms, so that every racer can drive. The ergonomic structure enables every racer to complete a race comfortably!

    racing wheel stand


    Game Accessories

    • Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920 G923
    • Throustmaster T150 T150pro T-GT T80 T300rs (GT) T300 T500rs
    • Ferrari

    Game Platform

    • PC
    • PS4 PS5
    • Xbox One

    racing wheel stand

    racing wheel stand

    racing wheel stand

    Shift Lever Left to Right

    Our racing stands come with a shifter bracket that can be switched to the left or right side depending on your needs. The optional positions are perfectly suited for both left-handed and right-handed players.

    Height Adjustment

    Loosen the nuts on both arms to be able to easily adjust to the height you want, then tighten the nuts. Start a happy game journey


    Some of the racing brackets are already pre-assembled and it only takes a few seconds to install the brackets!

    racing wheel stand

    racing wheel stand

    racing wheel stand

    Angle Adjustment & Folding

    You can turn the knob below to adjust the racing mount to any ergonomic position, greatly improving comfort and flexibility.

    It can be folded and placed when you don't need to play the game.

    Pedal Adjustment

    The angle of pedal adjustment can be very free, through the two ends of the nut, able to have 3 adjustment gear!

    Steering wheel adjustment

    The steering wheel platform can be freely adjusted angle: 0-5°.

    Finding the most flexible and comfortable angle is more conducive to playing with skill and level in the game.

    Technical Specifications

    Package size 24" x 20" x 6"
    Packing weight 29 lbs
    Package content 1 x wheel stand / 1 x Screw bag / 1 x instructions
    Material 1.2mm Alloy steel
    Colour Black
    sim wheel stand

    racing wheel stand

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