Anman G920 Racing Steering Wheel stand with Shifter Mount for Logitech G25 G27 G29 Thrustmaster T80 T150 TX F430 Adjustable Gaming Wheel Stand Wheel and Pedals NOT Included

  • [55% Pre-installed] Receive it and install it. 55% pre-installed design allows even beginners to enjoy sim racing quickly
  • [Pleasant Experience] The simple double arm structure enables every racing driver to drive.The new racing steering wheel bracket is ergonomically designed to make the driver more flexible and comfortable.
  • [Fully Adjustable] The height of the support is adjustable. The steering wheel and pedal angles are adjustable. The shift lever can be rotated and installed on the left and right sides. Adjust as you like.
  • [Foldable & Compact] The arms of the stand can be folded after adjustment. After playing happily, you can store it in the open space such as sofa, corner, bed bottom and storage room.
  • [High Compatibility] The stand can be compatible with Volkswagen brands, such as Logitech G25 G27 g29 g920 g923, throustmaster t150 t150pro t-gt T80 t300rs (GT) T300 t500rs TX, Ferrari GTE Ferrari F430 Ferrari 458 Italia, etc.
  • [Note] Wheel, pedal and shifter are not included.


Anman steering wheel stand, an ideal partner for racing games, brings you a happy racing experience!



Alloy Steel; Double Arm Structure Adjustable; Wide Compatibility



The racing wheel stand is made of alloy steel and square tube design to increase stability and durability. Can support long-term games.


Four huge anti-skid rubber foot pads are set at the bottom of the racing wheel stand to firmly grasp the ground and shift during fierce games.

Shift Lever

The sliding rod is supported by independent steel pipe to ensure stability to a greater extent. You can adjust the height and angle of the shift lever to the desired position for a comfortable racing game!


The racing cockpit can be flexibly adjusted according to the preferences of the racing driver. The height, steering wheel and pedal angle can be adjusted to the appropriate position. The shift lever can also be placed on the left or right according to the habits of the racing driver. Or adjust freely according to the place of use, and give full play to the free nature of every racing driver!

Quick folding

As long as the elbow is removed first, then the nut is adjusted, and the arms are put down, it can be folded completely. The whole process can be completed in only tens of seconds. It is completely interior design. After folding, it can be placed under the bed, sofa, corner or storage room for easy storage!

Wide compatibility

The racing simulation cockpit has pre installed holes, which can be compatible with most brands on the market, or can be installed with clamps. For example, Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920, G923, fanatec, truthmaster T300RS, T500RS etc. PC, Xbox one, PS4 and other mainstream platforms.


Material: alloy steel

Color: Black

Package size: 23.6” X 19.7” X 5.9”

Package weight: 25.1 lbs

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