Anman Connecting Seat Racing Simulator Stand Double Shifters Fits for Logitech G920 G29 G923/Thrustmaster T300RS T150S TX Fanatec PC PS4 Xbox One,Without Steering Wheel, Pedal, Handbrake,Seat

  • 【Structural Upgrade】The overall gaming stand is a single column design, four-hole flange articulation structure, using 40×40mm square tubes, and friction plate design at the bottom to ensure smooth game operation.
  • 【Main Flight】Immersive flight simulation cockpit, can be assembled with Anman products 42 bracket multifunctional cockpit, support DIY
  • 【Adjustment Upgrade】The gearshift lever is fully adjustable up and down, and the bottom seat is adjustable front and rear, so that the seat can be moved to simulate a racing car after installation. Adjustment interface adopts double adjustment bolts to accept higher intensity limb operation.
  • 【High compatibility】Fit for Volkswagen brands, such as Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920 G923, Thrustmaster T150 T150pro T-GT T80 T300RS (GT) T300 T500rs TX 248,PC,Xbox, ps4, ps5, etc
  • 【Special Note】This product does not include steering wheel/pedals/handbrake.

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