Anman Racing Simulator Game Seats Include Standard seat Double Lock Sliding Module

  • 【Support Forward & Backward】: Easily adjust the angle of the rear matching support. Range from 60°-135°.
  • 【Dual Brake Slides】: Support seat forward and backward. Range at 6.3 inch.Slide rail mounting hole spacing of 40 cm / 15.7 inch.
  • 【High Quality Material】: The game seat is made of alloy steel internal frame, filled with high-density sponge, and the chair covers are customized with high-quality cotton.
  • 【Product Size】: Total height 34.2 inch, side width :21.2 inch, knee width :20.6 inch, seat height :30.7 inch, shoulder width :21 inch.
  • 【Bottom Mounting Point】: The pitch of the mounting hole on one side is 11 inch; the width of the mounting point is 15.8 inch.(Please see the picture for details)


Product Description

Ammann Racing Simulator Game Seats Include Standard seat

This professional comfortable gaming seat features a dual track, dual lock, and dual sliding design, providing safety. Widened design, strong load-bearing capacity, combined with durable materials, ensures long-lasting and comfortable gaming experience without collapsing.

Double-Locking Slide Rails

The seat is equipped with double-locking slide rails at the bottom to enhance stability.

Easy Installation and Height Adjustment

These features make installation with our stand easier and offer height adjustment, improving the overall racing experience and reducing tension.

Exceptional Material

Made with high-density integrated foam, this gaming seat remains firm and comfortable even during long periods of use.

Rally-Ready Comfort

The seat's elbow and lumbar support points are designed for rally racing, providing a comfortable and supportive experience.

Enhanced Safety and Immersive Experience

The driving game seat features seatbelt holes for added safety, ensuring an immersive racing experience with great force feedback.

Easy Storage and Multi-Angle Adjustment

The gaming seat handle is easily adjustable, and the racing game seat can be angled from 65° to 180° for convenient storage in any home corner.

Convenient and Quick I nstallation

The gaming seat includes all the necessary components. Users can easily follow the provided instructions for a quick and straightforward installation, typically completed within minutes.



Package Length:32.6in

Package Width:22.8in

Package Height:13in

Package Weight:32lbs

Material:Wear resisting PU leather,high density sponge,alloy steel

Packaging Method:Cardboard box + bubble wrap

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